In an alternative, post-apocalyptic reality, Italy is plagued by monstrous demonic beasts: the Dark Ones.

When all seems lost, a miracle brings from the Holy Relics humanity’s last hope: the Saints. Thanks to the incredible power of their miracles, the new church Dei Invicti Operae can block the Dark Ones’ onslaught.

In this troubled scenario takes place the story of the Martyrs: too divine to be mere humans, but too sinful to be Saints. Persecuted by the Church and tempted by the Dark Ones, the Martyrs will face epic battles and difficult choices on the border of good and evil that will test their Faith.

Which of them is the Antichrist? Which side will they join?
They have to decide quickly, Armageddon is imminent …

Original concept by Gilbert Gallo
Storyboard by Daniele Solfrini
Artwork by Michele D’Aloisio