Team Acchiappasogni, who already brought you the Darkmoor RPG, now offers you a new role-playing game powered by Musha Shugyo RPG and inspired by the homonym novel and comic, Sancta Sanctorum!

In an apocalyptic, alternative present the world is plagued by invulnerable demonic beasts … the Dark Ones. But when all seems lost, from the Holy Relics comes the last hope of humanity, the Saints!

Thanks to the incredible power of their miracles, the new Church Dei Invincibilis Operae, led by the young Patriarch Peter II Roman, saves humanity from the brink of annihilation.

Under the guidance and protection of the Saints, people can finally get back to a normal life, despite the threat of the Dark Ones being far from eradicated.

In this troubled scenario we follow the adventures of the Martyrs, too divine to be mere humans, but too imperfect to be Saints. Persecuted by the Church and tempted by the Dark Ones, the characters will face difficult choices on the narrow line between good and evil that will constantly test their faith!

Armageddon is imminent … and soon you’ll discover if you have the faith and strength to fight it!

Download the Free RPG demo

Sancta Sanctorum RPG Demo – Acchiappasogni |

This is an introductory document to the upcoming Sancta Sanctorum RPG! Download it now in Italian and English for free. If you already own Musha Shugyo RPG and some of its expansions, you’ll also be able to enjoy this document as a playable Demo.